About Us

Customer focused and driven to provide a quality product

JG Broun is a third generation family-owned and operated business specialising in quality seed potato development and processing. Servicing customers across Tasmania, JG Broun prides itself in delivering a quality service in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

Sterile environment aids in ensuring maximum yield

Keeping disease and infections to a minimum is vital to the quality of the seed produced and directly affects the quality and quantity of the yields in following generations. For example 1 tonne of quality seed has the potential to produce a yield ranging from 15-25 tonne of the following generation of seed. Fungicides are added to the potatoes if desired to minimise infection and optimise quality.

Cleanliness is paramount, with all processing equipment being sterilised after each line/crop is processed. JG Broun prides itself on maintaining a clean and sterile environment at all times. An accurate customer tracking and labelling system ensures all potatoes are traceable which allows an accurate storage process and customer demand to be managed efficiently and in a timely manner.

Simplot Australia Award

In 2010 JG Broun were proud to receive an award from Simplot Australia, recognised as one of Australia's leading food manufacturers and home of Australia's favourite food brands. It was awarded in recognition of JG Broun's valuable contribution to the Tasmanian Potato Industry.